Welcome! / by Kevin Huang

Thanks for checking out the blog!  

Things have been pretty hectic the past couple of weeks.  About 20 days ago, I got an email saying there was an opening for a surf guide/surf photographer position down in Central America, and 4 days later I had quit my job managing a law firm and bought a one way ticket to Nicaragua.   To the casual observer [a.k.a. the parentals], this probably seems like a stroke of insanity, but the reality is that I've been working towards this for the past few years of my life.  Personally, I would have liked to spend a few more months in California, but when destiny calls, you'd be an idiot not to answer.  

In any case, I've got about 19 days till my plane takes off, and there's still a ton of things left to do.  Still (if you're reading this blog post), then I've managed to finish building the new site-and that's one huge positive step in the right direction.  Time to make that $$$ !%#&es

I've spent more time sitting in this chair looking at these walls and screens than I've spent in my own damn house.  I really do love this place, but it's time to go forth.